adjective /ˈæbstrækt / (say 'abstrakt)

1. conceived apart from matter and from special cases: an abstract number.
2. theoretical; not applied: abstract science.
3. conceptual, as opposed to actual: *not only that abstract hunger for absent faces and familiar voices, but desire for food to fill the hole which actual hunger had gnawed in her belly. –patrick white, 1976.
4. difficult to understand; abstruse: *Obsessed by the struggle between their two souls, they had threatened each other with the flashing weapons of abstract reasoning, while overlooking the common need for sustenance. –patrick white, 1957.
5. of or relating to abstract art.
noun /ˈæbstrækt / (say 'abstrakt)
6. a summary of a statement, document, speech, etc.: *But no mere abstract can do justice to the sumptuous phraseology of the work –joseph furphy, 1903.
7. that which concentrates in itself the essential qualities of anything more extensive or more general, or of several things; essence.
8. an idea or term considered apart from some material basis or object.
verb (t)
9. /əbˈstrækt / (say uhb'strakt) to draw or take away; remove.
10. /əbˈstrækt / (say uhb'strakt) to withdraw or divert (the attention).
11. /əbˈstrækt / (say uhb'strakt) Colloquial to steal: *a kangaroo-dog can abstract food with a motion more silent – and certainly more swift – than that of a gnomon's shadow. –joseph furphy, 1903.
12. /əbˈstrækt / (say uhb'strakt) to consider as a general object apart from special circumstances: to abstract the notions of time, of space or of matter.
13. /ˈæbstrækt / (say 'abstrakt) to summarise.
phrase /ˈæbstrækt / (say 'abstrakt)
14. in the abstract, without reference to special circumstances or particular applications.
15. the abstract, the ideal.
{Latin abstractus, past participle, drawn away}
abstracter /əbˈstræktə/ (say uhb'straktuh), noun
abstractly, adverb
abstractness, noun
abstractive, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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